Energy Network on the Hürlimann Site 


A local energy network is to supply the nine properties on the Hürlimann site with heating and cooling using seawater as an energy source . The former brewery now stands for wellness, modern offices, living and gastronomy. 

How can natural resources be used to reduce operating costs and generate energy sustainably?

The renewal of the energy supply was to take place during ongoing operation. This meant that the buildings had to be reliably supplied at all times, even during renovation. During the planning phase, ongoing feasibility studies on refurbishments and reinforcements had to be taken into account. The hydraulics and regulation of the entire supply on the site was very demanding. Extensive interfaces of the individual building substations with the new EWZ heating and cooling supply network further added to the complexity of the task. Finally, the existing groundwater and deep water accesses were to be reviewed and integrated if necessary.

Seawater serves as an energy source. Decentralised installations complement the individual needs of the buildings.

 A local energy network supplies the nine properties with heat. The network uses seawater as energy source to supply heating and cooling. This not only reduces the operating and energy costs, But it also makes it possible to save a lot of CO2 when generating heat and cooling. In the initial transitional phase, isolated heat pumps and local cooling systems will still be in operation. In the long term, however, the entire site will be supplied with heating and cooling energy from Lake Zurich via the new lake water network. 
Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency
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