New Noise Protection Hall 


At Zurich airport, jet engine maintenance also takes place at night. The tests at full blast lead to considerable
noise emissions. In order to avoid inconveniencing others, the airport has constructed a soundproof hall.

How can a new company building be seamlessly integrated into the complex airport systems?

Zurich Airport has numerous systems in place to ensure the monitoring, logging and control of its operations. The
noise protection hall must integrate seamlessly into this environment. There are therefore numerous interfaces in the building automation, example.g, for the airport's movement control system, for the runway lighting system, for maintenance as well as for the control of the gates, the signalling system, the sound measuring point, etc. The new automation system was integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the airport operating company. 

Automation not only ensures safe operation, but also automatic billing for the services used.

So far, there are only a few noise protection halls worldwide. This means, there is little experience with such systems. One thing is clear, however: automation is the key to simple and safe operation. The requirements were coordinated with all the specialist agencies involved and stored in detail in a specification sheet. In addition to complying with the noise limits according to the Noise Abatement Ordinance (LSV), the use of the hall is automatically charged to the various airlines via an interface with the SAP system.
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