New Operating Theatre at Rheinfelden Hospital Rheinfelden


Good air ensures good work - especially in tricky situations. To adapt the ventilation of the operating theatre to the established standards, Willers overhauled the entire HLK system during ongoing operation and ensured that the company's operations were as efficient as they were user-friendly in terms of air conditioning.

Besides the operating theatre, the ventilation system also supplies the intensive care unit and other areas. This requires precise planning with all parties involved.

The conversion of the ventilation system had to be carried out while the hospital was in operation. This required precise planning and implementation. The ventilation system in the operating theatre is linked to the system in the intensive care unit and other areas. Willers had to provide a solution that could supply all areas without any limitations. Smooth coordination with the responsible parties was therefore crucial for the success of the project. To ensure the most economical operation possible, the system also had to be as easy to maintain as possible. 

The new integrated operating theatres have a lower risk of failure, allow for more economical operation and are energy-saving.

It is possible to carry out all operations in the four identical and discipline-independent operating theatres. Since these are integrated ORs, the image- and video-based operations are better documented and thus even safer. The new ORs function on a purely antiseptic mode of operation. The infrastructure in the pre- and post-operative areas was adapted accordingly. A new refrigeration system in combination with new regulation and new control components ensures a constant temperature of 18 degrees in the rooms and significantly reduces the risk of failure. In addition, we redesigned all the control equipment and converted their mode of operation from pneumatic to electric. The fans of the central ventilation system were equipped with frequency converters, and this guarantees demand-oriented and efficient operation. The measures also benefit the environment: The energy demand for the operating theatre area was sustainably reduced by 5%. 
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