Energy Supply for the ZWHATT Site 


The new ZWHATT urban district provides apartments and commercial space for the most diverse forms of living and working. The energy supply is CO2-neutral and uses groundwater and photovoltaics as well as supporting electromobility. 

Sustainable energy management requires a wide range of different systems. The big challenge is how to connect these systems together. 

The site’s energy supply had many interfaces. It was a matter of bringing all the requirements of the numerous construction and planning companies with all stakeholders together. From a technical point of view, different systems and equipment had to be homogenised across the entire site . To ensure sustainable energy management, monitoring, billing, optimisation of self-consumption and integration of current weather forecasts are to be incorporated into the control system. 

A sustainable and economical energy supply is only possible with the latest technologies. 

The energy centre uses the full potential of the available renewable energies in the best possible way. Through heat pumps and chillers, groundwater is used sustainably, safely and flexibly to produce thermal energy. The natural refrigerant ammonia is used for this. Photovoltaic systems on the roofs and facades of the buildings provide the necessary power. A cloud-based management platform is used to monitor all the facilities on the site and helps optimise operating and maintenance costs. A dedicated technical network caters for communication between the various automation systems on the site. In addition to the usual monitoring functions, the energy management system must also optimise the self-consumption of the solar power production on the site and process the data accordingly for the energy billing system. 
Energy Efficiency
Building Technology
Energy Efficiency
Building Technology


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