New Barry Callebaut Headquarters


Smart office solutions are meant to make everyday work easier in the new building of the Barry Callebaut headquarters. A clean integration with the existing structure was essential in this case.

How can office usage be analysed and optimised?

In the concept phase, possible solutions were discussed intensively with the users.
We developed an attractive smart Office platform that records and analyses the utilisation of desks and meeting rooms. Too little attention was paid to the IT's security requirements, or these were not known at the time. It only became apparent during later implementation that close IT coordination is absolutely necessary, especially for IoT and cloud applications. 

With a wireless network, sensors can be securely and
energy-efficiently integrated into the networks.

An indoor LoRaWAN network was set up across all floors to detect the presence sensors on the desks and meeting boxes. This wireless network transmits data over long distances in an energy-efficient manner. To ensure the security of the network, the data connection of the building automation system is galvanically isolated. 


Workplac sensors


Ceiling sensors


IoT Gateways
Digital Building
Digital Building

Big Data Analytics

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