Renovation of Finance & Business Services Division of Belimo Automation


The finance & business services division of Belimo Automation AG has been growing continuously and needed more capacity. The refurbishment was also intended to create modern, attractive workplaces.

How can more workplaces be accommodated in an existing building that are also more attractive?

The structure of the building with cut-outs in so-called honeycomb beams
made high demands on the spatial coordination of the works. In addition, great importance was attached to energy efficiency
and this was supposed to be achieved through the use of the company's own products and the latest
technologies in the field of building services engineering and automation.

Energy-efficient use - State-of-the-art technology

The refurbishment allowed us to make better use of the existing space and to create optimal working conditions. Automatically controlled hybrid cooling ceilings with integrated ventilation ensure a pleasant room climate. All ventilation zones are equipped with automatically controlled volumetric flow regulators in the air supply and exhaust air ducts. Sensors for humidity, temperature and air quality monitor and control the indoor climate. A new photovoltaic system on the roof also contributes to savings in terms of energy consumption.
Building Technology


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