City Hospital Triemli Waid 


Hundreds of people enter the Waid and Triemli hospitals every day. How do they behave in the entrance area and the emergency room? To analyse this, we use innovative technologies and artificial intelligence.

How do people behave in spaces and how can a building be optimised with this in mind?

Sensors and cameras for detecting people's movements must work in rooms with low ceilings. Solar radiation also made planning of sensor positions difficult. The exact recognition of people in a variety of combinations posed a particular challenge. The software has to accurately recognise a wide variety of situations, e.g. people in wheelchairs with or without pushers, supported people and also children.

Data from different camera systems is processed with the help of artificial intelligence. This makes it possible to reliably recognise people and their movements

A combination of different cameras and sensor types makes it possible to accurately recognise persons: 360° cameras for larger surfaces, a directional dome camera for identifying mask wearers and stereo cameras for capturing movement. The combined data is then processed using artificial intelligence and visualised on dashboards. 


analyzed persons  in 6 months
Digital Building
Digital Building

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