New Hospital Pharmacy for the Cantonal Hospital 


The cantonal hospital has received a new GMP/GDP-compliant infrastructure for the production of individual medicinal products that are not available on the market.
The overall renovation exercise was carried out during ongoing operation.

Temporary facilities are the key to smooth operation. This ensures that production is maintained during the conversion phase.

The existing hospital pharmacy space had to remain largely in operation while project work was going on, because supplies for the cantonal hospital can only be secured via this building.
Therefore, extensive temporary arrangements had to be made.
An independent air-conditioning system was designed for the
manufacturing and storage area so that the handling of cytostatic and highly toxic substances is adequately taken care of. 

The entire hospital pharmacy was upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art technology so that the requirements of tomorrow are already met today.

 With the overall renovation, the production areas will be upgraded to the
state-of-the-art technology. This means that, in addition to today's requirements, the foreseeable future requirements will also be met, i.e. the GMP standards in the production of sterile and non-sterile medicines as well as the GDP standards (Good Distribution Practice). For the most efficient and flexible implementation possible, we planned the entire project using BIM. 
Building Technology
Building Technology


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