New Building for Triad Cantonal Hospital 


In order to provide optimum support for hospital operations, a digital twin is supposed to connect the real with the digital world. To do this, applications and technologies have to be structured and brought together under a common architecture. 

What technologies are needed for optimal support of a future-oriented hospital? 

While the new hospital building was progressing rapidly, the foundations for the digital twin of the building and the technologies required had not yet been defined. 

Concrete use cases make functions and benefits transparent.

We bundled the interplay between applications and technologies into a common architecture. The missing building blocks were defined, prioritised and worked through in individual sub-projects. In workshops with all departments of the hospital, we defined possible use cases. Each use case was assigned functions and benefits so that we could prioritise them and then work through them in a targeted manner. The digital twin is based on a common data platform (CDE - Common Data Environment), a facility management tool (CAFM) and the digital twin platform. For the software architecture, we defined the requirements, evaluated systems and initiated all steps for realisation and implementation. 

110000 m²

floor space


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Digital Building
Digital Building


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